Cryptic Clues for the Unknown hour


This year’s conference theme is about Embracing the Unknown, so there’s going to be an ‘Unknown Hour’. The session you’ll be allocated for the Unknown Hour will be given to you when you register on the day. This hour could be a class, a tour or an experience, delivered by a local business or supplier.

Here are some subtle clues to help you guess what the Unknown Hour might be for you. If you aren’t sure the one you’ve been allocated is right for you, you can always swap with another delegate – yet another networking opportunity.

Get the gist on how careful selection and intense heat combine to make something Sarah, Peggy and Ella consoled themselves with. At least today, it won’t cost you a bean.

– Is this the end or the beginning? It depends where you stand. For over 175 years, Mocatta’s masterpiece has served millions. Encounters are usually brief, yours today will be somewhat longer.

– You can walk, work, drink and refuel and no-one need ever know. The most upper crust got butter for his bread here too. Frances Hodgson Burnett’s garden is, for you, a city. (But it’s all hush hush, you know).

– From Bing and Bowie’s pint-size practitioner to Gunther’s metal-made model, this is essential to increase support, or intensely learn the same thing. Where will the rhythm take you today?

– Breath in, breath out. Be aware, take care of where you are just now. The past a distant island, the future not yet here. It’s here, it’s now. Focus on the colours of the petal, the shape of the cloud, the sound of the round of the room you are in. Via Zen and Kabat-Zinn, you too can be calm, be here, be now.

– How can something so simple surprise so easily? Is it the science of appliance or something more? The power is in the practice. Learn something new to amaze. You might win drinks as the everyday in your hand becomes a source of wonder.