About the Brighton Summit

The Brighton Summit is an annual conference that brings together our city’s diverse business community for a day of ideas and action. And when a community like ours comes together, great things happen.

In 2016, we spent time exploring our business desires, challenging ourselves to meet our dreams and being inspired to create new ones. We talked about vision and success, challenge and risk. We left with ideas, contacts and strategies for turning desire into growth.

The 2017 Brighton Summit

We’re working on developing the 2017 Summit now.

Expect extraordinary speakers, practical workshops and things you never thought you’d see at a business conference.

Who is the Brighton Summit for?

Everyone in business.

Freelancers and CEOS, entrepreneurs and employees. Business just starting out, and those with generations of history. Social enterprises, and those driven by profit.

What happens at the Brighton Summit?

Fascinating speakers: successful business leaders who will get your mind whirring.

Expert workshops, where you’ll get to learn new skills and hone existing ones.

Thought-provoking discussions, where you’ll gather vital knowledge and have your thinking challenged.

Unusual events, where you’ll cast off the restrictions of the everyday and have fun.

There will be opportunities to network and discuss plans over nourishing mini-feasts and at the end of the day, over drinks and music.


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