Si Conroy

Si Conroy

Si specialises in helping business owners set and achieve stretching goals: sales, profit & investment/ dividend value realisation. As CEO and board-level mentor/coach, he helps plan & execute growth and value realisation in businesses: either organically or via financing. He invests in the stars.

One of Si’s newest businesses, ConstantMentor.com, uses software and science to get leaders to set and achieve both business and life goals. Automated interventions fit the time and attention gaps of busy people, forcing them to work on themselves and pushing them to do the work to achieve their goals.

Si is different because he splits his time equally between helping clients achieve their goals and running & investing in businesses. He has always believed in – and continually applies – the benefits of working in and with businesses across a wide range of sectors. This enables him to challenge that industry’s thinking with a range of business & commercial models and ways of operating from ‘outside’.


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