Double tap your way to a smarter social media strategy (expert workshop)



Whitefield Room

What is it?
This workshop focuses on improving the way your business uses social media, covering the main platforms – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
Even if you’re experienced in using social media, this session will help you come up with a strategic approach and a different type of plan.
We’ll also be giving you some examples of good and bad online advertising, and top tips on how to make it work for you.

Who is it for?
Anyone who uses social media to engage with customers, build their brand, increase sales – or all three.
Even if you’re already using social media well, this workshop will give you a fresh outlook on having conversations with customers, clients and potential partners.

The aim of the session is to inspire you to refresh and update your social media policy.
You’ll come away with an action plan, which will help you use social media more effectively as soon as you get back to the office. You’ll also be provided with an advertising plan, which will include how to plan a Facebook advert. Oh, and we’ll throw in a list of free social media tools for good measure.

Who’s talking?
Social media expert James Dempster, co-founder of Cobb Digital, a leading digital marketing agency. James has 10 years’ experience of creating powerful online campaigns for businesses.

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