The science of goal setting (expert workshop)



Edwards Room

Achieving your desires and dreams via real business tools and techniques

What is it?
Goal setting has a bit of a bad reputation. Whether it’s unrealistic sales goals, ‘inspirational’ motivational posters with fist-punching air-brushed models or the broken annual appraisal process, the main problem is the lack of science.

This workshop takes you through a digestible overview of over 1,200 original research results on the science of goal setting.

The session will combine learning with personal case study interaction.

Who is it for?

This workshop would be applicable to all attendees for both work and personal situations. Owner managers find the outputs particularly useful to grow their businesses with more certainty.

The main takeaways will include a goal framework/ infrastructure that attendees can apply to any goal setting scenario to both set and achieve the right goals. Benefits include higher revenues, profitability, and avoidance of goal failure.

Attendees will leave with a series of rules/ top tips around scientifically proven goal setting and achievement. These tips can be applied immediately in the workplace and at home.

Who’s talking?
Si Conroy, CEO and founder of Scarlet Monday and Si specialises in guiding owners through the entrepreneur’s journey and helping them grow their businesses.

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