The power of our mindset (panel)



Whitefield Room

What has mindset got to do with business? Can we really change our mindset? And why does it matter?

Join Jay Cooper, Dr Lynda Shaw and Susan Carroll to delve into a subject that has far more to do with business success than we may realise.

Find out from Dadpreneur Jay Cooper how he got started in business, what success really means to him, and why being attached to the outcome of success is actually constraining and unhelpful. What two questions does he ask of himself and others? His insights may surprise you.

What is the entrepreneurial brain? What has neuroplasticity of the brain got to do with business? Hear from Dr Lynda Shaw on the emotional responses of decision-making and communication. You’ll learn practical steps to adopt the entrepreneurial mindset.

Susan Carroll sees the power of mindset daily in her work with executives and board members of some of the top 10 in their industry. Helping her clients understand their individual patterns of behaviour and their impact is key to changing mindsets.

Join Jay and Lynda in conversation with Susan to find out more about the power of our mindset