Storytelling by desire (Desire Hour)



Edwards Room

“Once upon a time, story was banned from business……”

Do you think storytelling is just for kids and that business runs purely on numbers, facts and processes? Well think again! Storytelling can be a strategic tool with irresistible power – whether you want others to share your passion and goals, build a culture at work, or deliver memorable presentations, a story can be your most valuable asset, and yet it is one of the most underrated skills in business. Your stories can help people feel more engaged and alive.

Come along to this session to
• Experience some intriguing stories for yourself
• Get a practical insight into the value of storytelling, at home and at work
• Acquire some “how to” skills

Led by Anne-Marie Harrison and Steve Creffield.

Anne-Marie is the Director of Development Squared, a company taking leaders from the UK to mentor small businesses in Swaziland for a one week action packed experience. She is fascinated by storytelling and supports the GuestHouse Storytellers based in Newhaven.

Steve Creffield is the Director and Lead Facilitator at Evolve Integral Ltd, a specialist training and development company based in the UK. Much of his work is grounded in the power of story.