Space to dance (Desire Hour)



Whitefield Room

The Session:
This is a mini dance taster session for those that would like to learn a few new steps, it’s a chance to forget about everything, and use your feet in a new way. Everyone can dance and everyone can enjoy the health and well-being benefits of dance.

What you will get from the session:
Dancing is a creative process and so is setting a vision for your business. During this session we will focus on how to forget about everything, and just focus on the next step, much like realising a business plan. You have to imagine it, then bring it to life. It’ so easy to get pulled of course, when there are so many pressing priorities, however this session reminds us that vision setting is a creative process, and often have to be prepared to do things differently, to move towards your greater vision.

Who is South East Dance?
South East Dance was established in 1997 and plays a national leadership role in the development of dance. We deliver a programme that encourages curiosity, discovery and risk-taking, supporting artists to create inspirational new work and empowering local communities to engage with dance. We are respected for investing in and supporting talented choreographers, presenting surprising and inspiring dance performances and leading projects that make a difference in local communities.

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