Marc Koska (keynote)




The re-use of syringes is the world’s 9th biggest killer. Marc Koska has spent 30 years working to stop it happening. That journey has resulted in the invention of the K1 auto-disabling syringe, a revolutionary syringe that cannot be re-used. When syringes are not re-used, the spread of blood borne diseases drops significantly.

In this session, Marc will talk about how he came to invent the syringe, and the other projects he’s developed that help support and promote the K1 and other safe syringe products. He set up the SafePoint Trust charity to campaign for safer syringe use, and has worked with the WHO to develop a global policy. Next on his list is ApiJect, a new dosing and injection product that will help lower medical costs around the world.

Marc’s success hasn’t always come easily. Working in an unconventional charity field leads to plenty of questions and challenges. He’ll tell us how his desire to succeed has enabled him to push past the doubt and develop products that have benefitted so many.

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