How to write your business book and get it published (panel)



Edwards Room

Our opinion of any expert in business is undoubtedly boosted by what they do to broadcast their knowledge and expertise. Those who have published a business book are likely to make the greatest impression of all. Writing a business book is a great way to develop your own ideas, as well as a highly effective method of raising your profile and creating arguably the best calling card you will ever have.

Join publisher Sue Richardson and business book authors Steve Bustin and Adrian Swinscoe to examine the enormous benefits of publishing a business book and to explore how you might embark upon this game-changing, credibility-building journey yourself. This panel will discuss:

• What could publishing a book do for you and your business?
• How can you facilitate the process of turning your idea into a book?
• What route should you take in order to publish your book?

Sue Richardson (SRA Books), is a publisher and the author of The Authority Guide to Publishing your Business Book. Steve Bustin is the author of The Authority Guide to Presenting and Public Speaking and Adrian Swinscoe is the author of How to Wow: 68 effortless ways to make every customer experience amazing.