Duke of York’s exclusive tour and short film (Desire Hour)



Duke of Yorks Cinema

The Duke of York’s Picturehouse is the oldest purpose built and continually operational cinema in the UK. Founded in 1910, the building has a history as interesting and variegated as the cinema itself. Join us as we explore this historic Brighton institution with an insightful tour, before enjoying some rare archive footage of Brighton generously donated by Screen Archive South East.

The session includes tea/coffee, a tour of Britain’s oldest cinema, including the projection box, plus the chance to watch some classic archive footage from 1969 called ‘Brighton Revisited’ provided by Screen Archive South East.

Screen Archive South East (SASE) at the University of Brighton is the public sector film archive serving the South East of England which collects, preserves, researches and provides access to screen material related to the region and of general relevance to the study of screen history.


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