Difficult decisions and how you make them (panel)




Whether you’re starting up, scaling up or thinking about saying goodbye, you’ll have tricky decisions to make at every stage of your business.
Between them, our experienced panellists cover all bases:

The beginning.
Greig Holbrook, founder of the international digital marketing agency, Oban Digital, knows about risky beginnings. He left his secure University lecturer post and started working full time on his business just 24 hours after his second child was born. Fourteen years on, he also knows what it’s like to reverse certain decisions, like scaling back on a country after he’d opened a bureau there. He’s honest enough to let you know if he has any regrets.

The middle.
Claire Hopkins, MD of Ideal, a Tech Track 100 IT company, shares her misgivings when she, and her husband, decided to make their first ‘really big hire’ with a price tag to match. Now leading a fifty-strong team, you’ll find out why the costs of a burgeoning headcount have become less of a headache.
Moving offices was also a difficult call for Claire, because of the inreased commitment and leaving behind a building with sentimental value. Has it all been worth it? Like Greig, Claire does not hold back. She’ll let you know!

The end.
Saying goodbye to a building is one thing. Saying goodbye to your business, when it’s acquired by a bigger company, is another – and one that our third panellist, Nick Fettiplace had to think through with his business partner Ed Ball. As you’ll hear, Nick and Ed turned the traditional notion of being bought out upside down. Now one of the Group Directors and Owners – as well as Head of Earned Media – at the digital marketing agency Jellyfish, Nick will describe how he worked through such a momentous decision and why it was important to get a 12 month probationary period.

And you?

Whichever stage you’re at – whether you’re launching, growing or wondering whether it’s time to get out, the panel’s experiences will give you lots of ideas on how you can make that next, tough judgement call. Perhaps it’s not so difficult, after all.

The session is facilitated by Miranda Birch, reformed procrastinator and current owner of Miranda Birch Media. She uses her BBC background to interview business owners, helping them to see the value of what they do and get that message across to the people who matter most.