Create a vision, create success (expert workshop)



Carey Room

What is it?
A vision is one of the most important leadership tools you can use to transform your organisation or team. It’s a clear, comprehensive view of your business/team/organisation at a point in the future. It provides direction. It shows you, in a powerful way, what you need to do and work out how to get there. It helps to create success.
Coming up with a vision for the future of your business/organisation can be exciting and motivating. It can be complex and risky. Just where do you start?

This workshop gives you the tools to create your vision. Come along with your team and work together to create an inspiring and motivating vision for your future. Or come on your own to create a vision for your business.

Who is it for?

This workshop is for you if you are undergoing change in your team/organisation, if you lead people at work, run your own business.
It’s probably not for you if you already have a clear vision and full commitment towards it

Taking time to reflect and create your vision brings multiple benefits:

• A common understanding for people in your business/team/organisation
• A participative way for you to shape and build the future
• Focus on the things that really matter
• Make the most of your time and resources
• Helpyou to measure progress
• Simplify your decision making
• Identify and highlight gaps to be addressed

Who’s talking?
Susan Carroll is an expert in leadership and team performance. She gained 15 years’ leadership experience at American Express before founding Scala Advance. She has spent 25 years working with international teams and leading businesses.

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